Rules for men to avoid complicated relationships

Sometimes the best way to avoid complicated relationships is to avoid relationships altogether. Still, for some, that is not the way to find happiness. If you’re single and ready for love, it’s up to you to find ways of getting into and staying in healthy relationships. 

You might still be in the player mode and love dating sexy Newcastle escorts as they don’t complicate your life. But, most of the time, you might be in for relationship that brings about more trouble than you can handle. 

Here are some rules for men who want to make sure they don’t wind up in a complicated relationship:

Don’t Call If The Conversation Is Going Nowhere

It’s obvious to both of you that this is a waste of time and energy. However, she still wants to keep talking anyway, something might come up that will make things interesting again. At least give the girl a conversation with direction next time because if you don’t, it will probably turn out as fruitless as the last one.

Call her instead when something meaningful comes up, like a funny anecdote about your day at work or an interesting article from the newspaper. It can be an observation of the sky’s beauty today or something funny from a blog post. Share what’s happening in each other’s lives right now, instead of having nothing to say that will make the bond stronger. 

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Don’t Be Too Available

It’s a common mistake for men to want to be with their partner all the time and make themselves completely available to her. If she always texts or calls you first, this could mean she wants more of your time than what is healthy for both. 

While this can work in some situations, it’s important to remember that you still need your own space and time away from your partner if you want the relationship to last. 

Don’t Ask Her To Commit Too Soon

When you both feel ready, the right time to ask her to commit. You want to be sure that you are both on the same page and that she has thought about what she wants in a relationship before you bring up the idea of commitment. If she’s not ready, then it will only cause problems later on down the road.

If she hasn’t mentioned anything about wanting more than just sex or hanging out, then chances are high that she isn’t ready yet, either. This does not mean that she won’t eventually, though.

Don’t Forget About Your Friends

It’s normal to want to spend as much time with your new partner as possible, but don’t neglect your old friends in the process. You should always maintain the same level of friendship with them before the relationship began, even if it means occasionally hanging out alone with friends. 

In Conclusion

While being in love can be wonderful, you might lose focus on other priorities in life, including work and family commitments. Don’t let this happen. 

Make sure that when it comes to deciding how much time each week should be dedicated to seeing this person versus doing something else. Keep everything balanced so neither feels neglected by the other person’s schedule or activities outside of their relationship together.

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